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First Words

The Laboratório do Ator is a company and school of theater, appeared in 1994, whose objectives are the formations of  actors, the scenic research and the artistic exchange.

Since it appeared, the Laboratório do Ator has as basic point of its existence, the implantation of a Publication Core. Finally we can give a start the concretion of this idea, through Cênica.

It is with immense joy that we see the possibility of a reflection space that prevents the narrowness of paths and allows the convergence of the most varied strings. The review is composed with texts produced by professionals that readily had taken care of our request in granting some words or if for as carrying of reflections that, we are certain, will point to the reader diverse possibilities, either of the point of view of the esthetical, of the technical preparation, history or thephilosophy.

Cênica intend itself a publication for iniciates in the art of acting and watching the theater. Without exception, however the colaborators try to use of an accessible language without wharf in superfialities , respecting the inteligence of the reader and not leaving to approach relative subjects to the daily one of who study or already do some activity in the theater environment.

We know the imperfections that can follow us and, therefore, we find important to start. We so only wait that the present initiative stirs up to the creation and the reflection of our colleagues and, the public and the ones who loves our art, if gives one more reason to them to undertand and to get passionate for this activity that without it, the spectator, would not have reason to be.

José Tonezzi - Director